Thursday, December 25, 2014

The History of Sailors Valentines - Tuesday Dec. 30

Each time you visit the shores of the world, lying in wait is Natures gift. You may see it as a grouping of shells,but in truth it`s a Mosaic presented to you on every tide.

As a child you marveled at their shape size and color and set them in a place of honor on a shelf.
 Then one day they spoke form that place of honor and became a flower which grew into the Mosaic`s of today.
 That is the History of Sailors Valentines from those who have collected Natures gift and continue to set them in a place of honor.
 On Tuesday, December 30th  I will be giving a slide show presentation on the History of Sailors Valentines at the Bailey-Matthews Museum  see:  for details.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

What have I done!!!

I wrote a previous blog about this project and had no idea what I was getting myself into!
This little box containing Shell Park has been residing in my daughter’s home for years and I said, “You know that is one of the first miniatures I ever made and can see the scale of the tree is way over sized for the Gazebo and I should rebuild it”.
                                                            Me and my big mouth!
No one told me that the scale was SMALLER than any miniature I had created before,

         and the flowers around the Gazebo!

             Do you have any idea what it is like, grinding  urchin spines and shells to a proper granular size to fit the scale, OMG! 
It will be a miracle to have it ready for the Sanibel Show or as I have said to many about my art work, “it will take quite a few cases of Scotch on the rocks", to make it on time!!!!!! 

                            Wish me luck, March 5th is just around the corner, see you then. Bill

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