Thursday, November 13, 2014


That’s what the news print said, born in London in1872. Taking one look at this picture I was sure I would not want to live that long! 
 When I got a good look, not only did it have “Curvature of the top”, but also a blue paper condition which was a sure sign of previous Surgeries. I informed the owner it would be Major Surgery to remove the “Home again”, section in order to cure the “Curvature of the top"problem, missing shells, cleaning and re-bonding the sides were minor by comparison. 
 There it is, out in one piece with the sides and moldings carefully marked to return to their original locations. 

What a great surprise when I turned that section over and saw the news print!

The East London Weekly Dispatch with the date January 1872 in three places, 142 years old and still with us.
                                       So on with the restoration: Curvature of the top, cured.
                                                                   Sides reset in place.

                                                           Blue paper condition cured.
                  Missing Shells replaced, others reset and cleaned, new moldings made and installed.
There’s only one thing left to do, send it off to the home of its grateful owner. You know I have a funny feeling it`s going to outlive me!
Looks like Mrs. Cockle and I will be giving a presentation on the History of Sailors at the Marco Island Shell Club January 20th 2015.
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