Friday, October 3, 2014


                                                        Shell Park is moving right along.
         Since the previous blog I had a moving company locate the Gazebo on my artificial beach.
 One of the moving company work men remarked how light and easy it was to set in place and wanted to know what construction materials were used. I just happened to have a picture with me and pointed out there are two types of Sea Urchin Spines as well as Urchin parts, some Gar Fish Scales and a few Glass Beads. He was rather amazed but seemed satisfied and let him have a copy of the picture.

The landscaping crew did a nice job installing the Flowering Shrubs and Light Posts front and back. They also build the White Urchin parts walls at the entry and around the interior edge; I will have more work for them later.

Now I have a problem I hadn`t planned on!  It came out in the local news last week, “Shell Park is now under construction” and all I`m hearing is, “what`s next, when will it be done, will it be open to the public”?   All I can say is I`m meeting with the engineers next week and you are just going have to be patient; the last thing I want is to set up a “NO TRESPASSING” sign.

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