Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The Sticky Question I`m always asked is,“What kind of glue do you use”,and my answer: In 2011 I wrote a blog about my Tacky Love Affair with Aleene, http://seashelladdiction.blogspot.com/2011/05/mytacky-love-affair.html. and were still together after all this time. We have learned from each other and found better ways in application. As I had expressed in the 2011 blog it was important to me that the glue is water base, which means the viscosity can be adjusted, it dries clear and if a shell I set in place the day before needs to be adjusted all I need to do is apply a small amount of water and reset it 90% of the time.

                                    We have also come up with a new way to apply the glue.

I made a stand to hold the small applicator bottle upside down for quick use with the cap off. There was nothing I hated more than picking up the applicator and wait for the glue to get to the tip and then squeeze it and have it spit out the glue.
 Over time some glue will leak to the bottom so I just pull the black stopper and push out the excess glue. If you try this, remember I am only using it with Tacky Glue and have no idea how it would work with other “water biased” glues.

Some time ago I posted a blog about this device which relates to my Tacky Glue use, see:

Last but not least is Ultragel Control. If you’re like me and don`t want to be mixing up two part epoxy`s this is the ticket.

It`s premixed with a nice fine point nozzle and you squeeze the flanges on the side pictured and can easily control the size of the drop. Now I`m going to say :ULTRA GEL CONTROL” again because it has a time set built in. In other words I can place the amount of glue needed and have apx. 15 to 20 seconds to reposition.  I`ve had great luck using it.
So I hope this blog will help you threw any sticky situations you have had in the past and NO I do not have stock in Loctite or Tacky Glue Companies.

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  1. Bill, I have used the Locitite super glue ultra gel (that you put me onto - thanks!) for almost all the miniature shellwork that I have done thus far and found it great to work with. As you mentioned you do not have much work time so it is important that you know what you want to do. When making a complex flower with rows of interlocking petals, such as a rose, I found that did not have enough work time with the super glue so I used another glue like 527 in that application. The bond on the super glue is very strong, if something breaks it does not break as the joint. If you are re-gluing shells together and there is residue glue left from the previous application the set up time for the super glue takes a bit longer. In miniature work it is important that there is not a heavy application of glue, the super glue is great as it only requires the tiniest amount to get a good, strong bond. Thanks for sharing and happy shelling! - Peter Gabel

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