Monday, August 18, 2014

UPDATE: Thieves have been identified !!!! Nine "STOLEN" Valentines

 Sailor Valentines pictured here were stolen from a friend and fellow artist while on display at Marguerite's Restaurant in Westport Massachusetts the night of Aug 14-15. Please help by forwarding or informing any and all pawn shops, auction houses, antique stores, art dealers, gift shops or down load these pictures to have with you as a reference. A $5000 reward has been posted for the arrest and conviction of the criminals. Thanks for your help. 

                        Contact the Westport MA police dept. 508-636-1122 with any information.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014


About three weeks ago I received and e-mail about this book “Under Glass”, by John Whitenight in hopes of aiding my ongoing research in the History of Shell Art and those 8 sided cases called Sailors Valentines.
  Sure enough on page 55 were comments talking about the term Sailor Valentine coming into vogue in the 19th Century. To date in my research the term, Sailors Valentine emanates from the coastal towns of New England in particular the Island of Nantucket. In England they were know as eight sided Shadow boxes with a Shell Mosaic under glass, which aids my research.  John`s book continues on thru pages 49 thru 80 with dated pictures of early shell art under glass and to get a close up look  you need to see : To use one word to describe the book and video it`s just, “Fascinating”!

What I never expected to find in the book was, Chapter 10 Automata “Musical Mechanical Masterpieces”.

I have had this item in my possession for the past 15or20 years and really knew nothing about it. 

I had the duel movement cleaned a long time ago and never went any further, so thank you John for the nice surprise.  I need to stop here and get back to my 8 sided research, but if you have any interest in 19th Century Shell Art do yourself the favor and view the video.

Automation History see:

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