Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The History of Sailors Valentines

I am currently working on setting up a slide show presentation on the History of Sailors Valentines, trying to find a picture to open it with, but in my research completely captured by this picture of a moment in time at the shore only nature could provide.  

I see it as the day nature had planned, to present a gift of art and leave the story of this find in our hands, but then again there`s  Mrs. Cockle, with her own version.

           to today’s presentation of the History of Sailors Valentines and Shell Art.

My name is Dinocardium Robustum, but you can call me Mrs. Cockle for short which is my basic make up, created by Volunteers at the Sanibel Community Center every Monday.
My lady friends and I feel it is important to let you know that no matter what Mr. Jordan has to say WE, along with all my brothers and sisters over thousands of years have provided this opportunity. Words such as, The Sanibel Stoop, Shell Mosaic, Sailors Valentines or The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum would not exist without us rolling upon the shores of the world and sparkle in your eye in all our natural beauty each and every day.

We do hope you enjoy OUR, presentation and please tell my brothers and sisters who are on the shore today that you met me and all the good things I had to say about us.

                                                        Yours truly;  Dinocardium Robustum
                                                                    "Mrs. Cockle for short."
 Sorry, but I guess I have no choice but to let Mrs. Cockle have the lead picture!

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