Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I wonder what show this case will be entered in. The one thing I can tell you “it will not be me” filling this case with shells! I have also been asked not to tell who I made it for. I can tell you it was ordered by top shell artists in the country and it will be on display for public viewing very soon!

                                       As you know, I have made small cases in the past.
                                                   I have made them as large as 24 inches.
                                                       I have made hinged double cases.

                                              But this is a first, all 36 inches of it!
 Yes, I would love to tell you who ordered it and the reason why, but I gave my word, darn it!

All I can say is, I was promised to be the first to know what it is all about and will post an XXXVI update when I find out more. I can hardly wait to see what will be done with it!


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