Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It’s been a while since the closing of the 2014 Show and there is not a lot I can report about the main part of the show considering I`m there working in the tents outside, demonstrating shell art,
  and this year presenting the History of Sailors Valentines along with the responsibility of the new “Meet the Artists ” tent.  To say the least it does not give much off an opportunity to 
                                                            visit the main hall inside.
  I was pleased that the new Meet the Artist tent went well and all the professional artists from across the country and 
 artists from the Sanibel Shell Crafters who signed up were there and well received by the public, 
                      being the first year for this set up and do hope to re-establish it next year.
 As far as the overall show the numbers from previous years were almost meet and they would have exceeded the previous years but Mother Nature would not allow it. 

The first day of the show the sky started to go black and on my lap top I watched all the dark blue and red colors along with foreboding little swirls mixed in and at noon we closed up as quick as we could. I can tell you it was one wild ride back to Ft. Myers over the causeway from Sanibel with the heavy wind, lightning and rain.

The following two days we had perfect weather along with great attendance which helped to make up for our half day loss. All in all I`m happy to say I had a small part in it and hope you enjoyed the show as well, last but not least, I`m looking forward to seeing you again first week in March at the 78th. See you then; Bill


Special Message:
 I received an e-mail from Jerri, he is the Moderator of Shell Shows Associates Forum, letting me know they have revised their home page and also asked if I would let Clubs and Shows know they are more than welcome to post their events free of charge. He also mentioned there have been comments posted in regards to the Sanibel and Philadelphia Shows.
If you wish to post a comment of you’re up and coming event or review comments posted about your Show or Club see:  http://shellshowsassociatesforum.com/  


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