Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ocean Flower Petals

Can you tell me where these eight flower petals come from? 
Every time you walk the beach on Cape Cod, Maine or Sanibel or where ever they are there and it took me a few years to find them.

                                          They make a great back ground for Shell Flowers.

                                           Have you figured out where I found them? 
                                                                       Here`s a clue.

                                          Now do you now know where they came from?

OK let’s try it this way. The name of the object I found the petals in is described in two words. So this picture describes the first word of the object they were in. 

Now this picture is expressing a feeling we may have at times being………??abby, which is the second word that describes the object I found them in.
Yes, I`m being a pain in the neck to those of you who want to see the answer and loving every minute of
The following two pictures are two Pocket Watch Pendants I just completed and the final two pictures will be the “Ocean Flower Petal” answer if you have not already guessed it.

A number of years ago on a lack luster day shelling on Ft. Myers Beach I wandered off from the shore line to the upper part of the beach and picked up one of the many Horseshoe Crabs lying there. I took a strong look at the underside and since that time have used its parts in my shell art. So the next time you go shelling take a good look as I did and you my just find something nature has been offering you as well, but I suggest you get there early before me, and you will need to be in a “Crabby Mood” to find them. 




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