Tuesday, May 27, 2014


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Friday, May 16, 2014


Sometimes creative art is not easy, this quarter would just not fit inside this Antique Pocket Watch, I guess I will have to try a dime.

                                       Well that will not fit either so Sea Shells it shall be!

                                                   Now that seems to be a better idea. 
 Yes, that is the right move. I managed to sneak in 75 Sea Urchin Spins and 15 Cerithium Shells, now what?  Maybe I can cut off the pointed ends of the Urchin Spines, it might make a nice decoration to outline the Cerithiums.

                               Now if I remember right I had some small Baby Whelk Shells.
 Not too shabby and the good part is I have not, “sworn”, so far, and as you can see I cut the tips of the Urchin Spines and filled the center. In the next picture you will see good luck at its finest !
 When I was sorting out the Baby Whelk Shells, I noticed some that were extremely small and the next picture shows those six shells made the day!

All done! Who say`s I can`t fit Sea Shells inside the diameter of a dime and even better, I now have four Pocket Watch Pendants I can choose from, to wear to Shell Crafters on Mondays !

Sanibel Shell Show
If you have an interest in the Traditional Valentine category the time is now to post your thoughts about how it should be written. See: http://shellshowsassociatesforum.com/shell-shows/sanibel-shell-show/trad...
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                                                       SANIBEL SHELL CRAFTERS
Some Join the Shell Crafting Fun that provides the perfect opportunity for Florida Snowbirds to turn to Show-birds!

WHO: You and all interested men and women who would enjoy working on Shell
Creations, no experience is necessary. Instruction and assistance are available.
WHERE: The Sanibel Community House, 2173 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel FL 33957
(239) 472-2155
WHEN: Every Monday from 10:00 a.m.-Noon (11 months of the year) – we rest in March.
• Dessert and coffee are provided, but bring a brown- bag lunch.
• You make flowers, jewelry, animals and other creations all out of shell and other sea life.
• All materials are provided.
• You have an opportunity to learn new skills, and expand your creative instincts in a relaxed atmosphere.
• You will meet interesting people, some amateurs and some skilled professional artisans, all of whom are willing to instruct and eager to help.
• You will enjoy fun and fellowship.
COST: None! All shell creations made by our volunteers remain at the Community House.
HISTORY: The Sanibel Shell Crafters have been meeting weekly since the late 1920’s. The group was created in order to prepare for the Annual March Shell Fair. The items created by this fun loving group of volunteers are sold at the Sanibel Shell Fair each March. The proceeds from this sale go toward maintaining the Historical Sanibel Community House.
SHELLS: Since we are largely dependent on donations for our supply of shells, we welcome your collection.  
See you there!