Saturday, March 1, 2014

It`s almost THURSDAY!



                                         The “MEET the ARTISTS”, sign is ready are you ?
 The tents are going up Monday for Sanibel`s, 77th Shell Festival “Treasures of the Sea”, and what will be new and different this year ?  How about 5 year old Emily, the youngest shell artist ever, entering the show, ,,

or 15 year Anna who will be entering and demonstrating her shell art in the new 20x30 ft, “Meet the Artist” tent, but that’s not all.

In that same tent will be Artists from across the county such as  Karine Almir from California, Suzanne Dietsch from Illinois, Audrey O`Donnell from Florida and Sanibel SCA Crafters, Wendy Robinson, Barbara Walling, Vicki Ross and Leslie Anding demonstrating and answering questions about their art, but I do have to stop here and ask you a question. Was there ever a time when you wished someone help you create a flower or a critter out of sea shells?

Well in this year’s show, in the new “Meet the Artist” tent , Shell Craft instructors, Ann Dunlap, Marvin & Mary Hennemann, Georgia Plum, Dorothy Harper,  Darla   Ross, Joy Rimmer, and Jean Ford, will be waiting upon your arrival to help you fulfill that wish, but that`s not all! There will a collection of books on display, some new some old and out of print, as well as a display on the History of Sailors Valentines to answer questions about the art dating back to the 1750`s.  For those of you who have visited the show in the past, take heart, all is as it has been, there is just more to see and learn with the new tent.
I hope to see you on Thursday or Friday from 9-5 or Saturday from 9-4,March 6,7 or 8th.


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