Friday, October 4, 2013


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I just received the news and have to “warn” all Shell Artists that Emily has landed a Valentine Case and ready to compete in the Philly Show on October 19th 
This is the message I just received from her Grandmother: “I saw Emily tonight and had her put her valentine in the box, it looks amazing. Emily loved putting the numbered molding pieces around the glass to lock it in. She almost didn’t want me to take it with me …….but she said ok when I reminded her the competition is where she might win a ribbon. Her eyes got wide…… then she wanted to make sure I was going to bring her valentine back.  It has been the centerpiece on my daughter’s dining room table all this time. She is still excited…..go figure. It looks like she may end up being my biggest competition in the future.”

All I can say there is no question that, EMILY WANTS A “BLUE RIBBON”, she is ready!

I think it best you attend the Philly Show and check out the Student Artistic Class, Grades 1 thru 6, because as I`m told Emily will be looking for your comments.

EMILY UPDATE see: ( Emily did it! )

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