Friday, September 6, 2013


It starts with some Lilac Shells, paint them orange, cloth wire stained brown, some hot melt glue, then glue three shells together, black paint for the stamen, then glue three of the flowers together and I almost forgot I need to form the wire into the shape of a tree.
                                  At this point it looks as if the tree has been thru one wild storm! 

I knew what the tree looked like before the storm and had taken pictures of it on McGregor Blvd next to the Ft. Myers Country Club and went to a number of shell shops asking how I could bring it back to life and was told “Sorry you are on your own”!  

Oh well, so here I am on my own and it is growing, but do hate thinking of myself as the stimulating fertilizer for it`s growth but did try to purchase some!

                             Well it`s still growing, day after day hour after hour, week after week
At this point I do wish Mother Nature had informed me how long it takes to grow a tree, how many blossoms’?

I think I have the finish line in site!!!!! Did you ever hear the expression “You`re out of your tree”!  Half way thru this re-creation it ran thru my mind all too many times.

Well here it is back to what is was before the storm but there is one problem, it`s not done!
When I took the picture some time ago I always felt there should be a Bird Bath, a Bench around the base of the Tree as well as a White Picnic Table but so far have had no luck in the craft stores, so I`m just going to have to make them out of shells.
OK, go ahead and say it, “You`re out of your tree”, which is the same as saying “You`re out of your mind”, guilty as charged!

I will let you know when I will be holding a picnic under the “The Royal Poinciana”, it will be right after I install the table, chairs and mow the new lawn. See you then.
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