Saturday, September 14, 2013

“The Royal Poinciana”, update from the previous blog

 Welcome back!  As you can see I managed to get the lawn in but did have a problem installing a bench around the base of the tree. The roots and stones would not allow it, so I had to go to plan “B”, even though I didn`t have one.   

                     As it turned out plan, “B” became grass out of Manila rope and Quahog flowers.

                                            I guess “plan “B” was meant to be, all along.

  I did want a bench knowing it would have been a lot easier to clean than maintaining flowers, but I did try.
 So now it`s on to a Patio Table.  It is surprising that a table top can grow from a few Sea Urchin Spins and parts of the outer shell, but what about legs?

                                               Ah, the quick way out, a pedestal base! 
                                               Simple, just turn one out on the Wood Lathe.

                      Decorate it with the same materials as the table top and move on to the real test!

                   Here it is completed and ready to be placed under the tree, I do hope the scale is right!

   Looks like a perfect fit! Not too tall, not to wide and the dime, well I`m just showing off a little and now it`s on to creating chairs, can`t have a back yard party without chairs! 

                             I wonder if I can make them out of these shells, time will tell, so stay tuned.
 P.S. For those of you who want to know if I have set a date of the party, don`t ask! At this point I haven`t a clue!

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