Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It`s that time again already? Yesterday I received notice the show packet is now available on line.

Running through the packet quickly I did notice a few changes.
In the Jewelry Class both Professional and Hobbyist they will be two ribbons awarded instead of one. Also, on page 4, Rule 30, the “No-Show $5.00” fee has been removed. I couldn`t be more pleased!
Again on page 4 as it reads:
Rule 29. A photograph of each artistic exhibit is requested. Last year was the first year we asked for photographs of the artistic exhibits and they proved to be very helpful. Photographs help the Artistic Chairperson determine if the exhibit has been entered in the correct class and meets the requirements. They also help eliminate the stress of having to rearrange exhibits on the Shell Show setup day. Please include a photograph of your exhibit(s) so we can complete the application process and confirm that your space in the show has been reserved. If your exhibit has not been completed when you submit your entry, please submit a photo by February 14th.

I could sit here and scream about this rule but in some ways understand the reason for it and I am as much to blame as anyone. You read the category rules, choose the one you feel applies to your creation and send it in on time. You arrive at the show on entry day and informed you have chosen the wrong category and told the category you should be in is full!
All I can say is I`m grateful not to be the one in charge of entries, having to tell you that!
A few years ago I had entered the wrong category and with luck, there was enough room left in the category I should have entered.
As much as I am not in love with the rule it has been said “A Picture is equal to a 1000 Words”, and in some ways I think I would rather do that than take the chance of being eliminated. If you have a better idea to solve the problem I`m more than sure the Sanibel Shell Club would be more than grateful to hear it as I would. The one thing I do know is that the Shell Club is doing its level best to enhance the show and at times remind myself they are all volunteers and if it were not for them you and I would not have that yearly place of honor they offer to display our creative works art. So at this point I am looking forward to the up and coming show and simply say thank you to each and every one of them for the opportunity. Bill Jordan
2014 Sanibel Show update see: