Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A few Job`s Tears, some Blue Mussel Shells, a Garnet Heart and Glue. 
Mix slowly in an old  Pocket Watch with a touch of patience and you end up with a wearable Watch Pendant.

                                      It may be a bit larger than a quarter as the price will be.
 Now that you have the ingredients you can create your own and please send a picture next week when it`s done. Thanks
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Friday, July 26, 2013


On June 21st I posted a blog about watch pendants I shipped to my dealer in Nantucket.            . Since then I have had a number of comments about two of them in particular, the Christmas wreath and the Christmas tree. The general question has been “what did you use to create them”.  My quick answer to get out of writing a long blog is, “Sea Shells”, but that answer for some reason leads to, “what kind of shells”? So pictured here are the parts I used to create the wreath pendant. From  top left to right, Lilac Shells, a Sea Urchin, Acrylic paint, lower left, Urchin Spines, Poppy Seeds, and internal parts of an Urchin and at bottom Tusk Shells.
                                    and this is how it ended up. Not too shabby for my first one!
 Now to be fair I could sit here and write out a long drawn out blog on how I hand painted the Bow and Poppy Seeds but I would not want to bore you with all that detailed information, besides I do have to keep some secrets for myself, but I will say it was not easy. The next question that is always asked is “How long did it take you to make it” and the simple answer to that is, don`t ask, I do not want to remember!
 Sorry, I almost forgot, the lettering was formed from Sea Urchin Spines along with spell check on my computer. 
                                                 Now it`s on to the Christmas Tree pendant.
Pictured here is a Sea Urchin, Urchin Spines, Acrylic Paint, center left Mustard Seeds, a Sand Dollar, below cloth coated wire stained brown and shells called Chicken Feet from barnacles, that`s right, barnacles
                                                             and this is what grew into.

I hear a few of you saying, “Where did the star at the top of the tree come from”?
Well if you break open the center portion of a Sand Dollar there are five little Dove`s inside and if you are careful keeping them together you end up with a star.

                   Here is the last question I`m always asked , “What`s the back ground in the watches”?

            In this close up of an Urchin, the pencil is pointing to a row of vents which I break up into little pieces to form the back ground and when I tell people this, the look I get is beyond words. lol

            Now that you have seen all the secrets in creating these pendants there`s nothing holding you back to create your own. But if you are looking for the easy way out just stop buy Four Winds Craft Guild in Nantucket , I left them both there for you to pick up.