Tuesday, April 30, 2013


                                  A very special shell that fought me all the way to the finish line!

       So there it is one cute little Junonia Shell ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scaphella_junonia ) lying their    peacefully in the center of this watch pendent, doesn`t  it  look great! 
 Having a shell like that in that size is a great find, but placing it inside a pocket watch is a whole another story as you can see.
 To start off, I chose the PERFECT size watch case to complement the size of the shell which turned out to be my first mistake.
Next I created an elliptical center similar to the one pictured here not realizing that the space above and below was going to force me into making the SMALLEST sea urchin spine letters I have ever made in my life! When I say small, I really mean small!

                                      They ended up being equal to the size of mustard seeds.
                                                            Again doesn’t it look great?

Well maybe close up it did, but holding it in my hand 12 inches away I could not read the letters at all. On either side of the shell, wide open aera`s I could not do any thing with and the center was just too small for the shell, every thing was just sooooooo squeezed in.  I was not happy a camper after all the weeks and hours I had spent trying to make it look right but I knew there was only one thing to do.

                                                            Start over in a larger watch!
 So here it is along with a lot of swearing, but as the saying goes” Any thing worth doing is worth doing right”, although there were times creating this piece I would have liked to have shot the person who said it, but I finally made it to the finish line.

As a note to all of you who like the way it turned out, thank you and to all of you who are not happy with the way it turned out, don`t ask, I WILL NOT CHANGE IT !!!!!!

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  1. Dear, Bill, you made one more amazing tiny nautical masterpiece! You have incredible and unique talent to create a gorgeous miniature jewelry art works, you have your own a very special technique to organize shells in a beautiful mosaics! Thanks a lot for the great inspiration, Alla Baksanskaya.