Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hi there, remember me, Dinocardium Robustum, Mrs. Cockle for short from Light House Beach ?

Well I have been asked by my creators Betty, Sue and Clair and members of my shell family that we are all hoping to see you on March 7th at the Shell Festival.
All my friends and relatives have spent lots of hours and effort in arranging and collecting shells for the Festival.

Mrs. and Mrs. Rice, along with the Limpet family, the Apple Blossoms, and the Nerites all jumped in along with my friend the Gar Fish to help Mary and Marvin Hennemann in creating this Sailors Valentine which will be on sale at the show.

Also my French Poodle “Jewel Box” will be attending along with arranged parts of the Sea Urchin family. 

                       And yes, not too worry, the Sea Shell Comfort Station will be on site as well.

                      The girls and I are all looking forward too seeing you and do hope you can make it.

                                                           Thanks; Mrs. Cockle for short.


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