Wednesday, December 11, 2013


First posted on Sept. 6th 2013
In my last blog I did say I had to push the party off for an extra week or so but in the interim a neighbor stopped by and suggested I should hire a catering firm.
   So I hired these three women and one of them tells me “well you have this nice yard and tree may be you should install a swing”, so I did!  

                                     The next day she shows up with her 7 year old daughter!
OK, so I`ve hired the help but for some reason I think I should really build a stone wall around it.
I`ll just tell the wife all I had to do is pay for the stone, that the Mason owed me a bunch of favors. That should cover it.             

                                      Maybe I should have him build a nice Stone Arch Entry. 
 At this point I have the feeling I will never get this yard ready for my party, I wish the Mason could move a little faster!

                 I have to admit I`m glad I had it done; it was worth the extra time and expense.  
                                             I did ask the Mason to create one more item.

                                           A Bird Bath out of some of the left over stone.

I can`t believe it is done and really looks inviting. All I need to do now is rake up the yard and get the invitations in the mail, but you are not going to believe what happened next.
 I ask the three ladies to address and mail 150 invitations and while there off to the post office a city inspector stops by, somehow he had heard about the party and informs me I need a permit and would also need a police detail for the street parking. I raced to City Hall and got that all straightened out and on the day of the party no one shows up! I called a few people to see why they were not coming and tell me they never got an invitation. I found out why a week later why, when all the invitations came back by return mail. It seems due to the size of the three ladies there hand writing was too small. I guess all I can say now is at the least I have lovely back yard to enjoy.

If you would like to stop by for a visit you are more than welcome at the Sarasota Show in February

or the Sanibel Show in March  ttps://
Hope to see you there, I`ll be out in the yard.

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