Saturday, December 29, 2012

150o HOME LIGHT ???

This double valentine crossed my path a few weeks ago and noted on the back of the case is: 150o and what I think it states is HOME LIGHT.  In dating it I would place it around 1850. Also my educated guess tells me it more than likely came from the West Indies possibly Barbados. In viewing the case construction it also shows that it has always been one unit since its creation along with the similarity in shells and design. What I would like to know is what 150o HOME LIGHT represents. I assume it relates to a light house some where, so if it rings a bell with you please let me know because it’s keeping me awake at night! Lol Thanks; Bill 

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  1. I was just reading (with delight!) about an antique sailors valentine that you had blogged about... It is the one with the numbers and the word "home" on the cover...
    It is my opinion that the numbers stand for longitude or latitude! So the number would be 150 (degrees) ! ... What do you think? ! ... Maybe ... One hundred and fifty degrees home... ...Just a thought!,...
    With what little knowledge I have about longitude and latitude it can only represent longitude and can be either East or West. I did receive a comment that the width of Barbados is 150, but that location is no where near 150 degrees west. Thank you for the thought. Bill