Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Well the alarm is set the car is packed and out the door for sure at 7 am and should be in Jacksonville by noon for their  45th Shell Art Show.
Well I do hope I packed every thing I need being a Senior Citizen!

 You may not know this but you really need to plan out in advance every thing you may think you need. So if you can keep a secret it just so happens I grabbed a few blue ribbons form previous shows just in case, know what I mean............
Well the truth is I posted a blog on my feelings about blue ribbons some time ago so I guess I will just have to bribe a judge. lol

Last but not least if you see someone wearing this hat at the show just walk up to him and say “You must be Bill Jordan”.  I do hope you can make it, I`ll be looking for you in the crowd. 

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