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The June 2012 Newsletter of The Jersey Cape Shell Club

The Jersey Cape Shell Club
PO Box 124 Stone HarborNJ 08247
               Upcoming meetings- please come and bring family and friends!

Monday June 4 “Sex and the Single Conch
Whelks (or conchs, Busycotypus canaliculatus) are at the center of an exploding fishery. As southern New England lobsters decline, fishermen are catching more whelks, and using more horseshoe crabs for bait. In order to help manage this fishery, we are trying to answer some simple questions: How fast do they grow? When do they become sexually mature? And, do they change sex?
Our speaker will be Dr. Bradley Stevens , who is a Professor and Distinguished Research Scientist at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Prior to arriving on the eastern shore, he studied king crabs in Kodiak, Alaska for 22 years.
Monday July 2- Tentatively, for this meeting, we will show a CD titled
“The Life of Mollusks” by Shelline Group, of Italy.
This is a well made, narrated film of a walk on a shallow water reef in Kenya, eastern Africa, and shows many live mollusks in their habitat, as well as other sea life. Thanks to our treasurer, Stephanie Schrader, for providing this program for our enjoyment.
From our President and Shell Show Chairperson, Karen Lelli
Last month, we were very lucky to welcome new member, Cookie Oliver, from Cape May Court House. I hope the trend continues and we are able to keep our membership growing. Thank you, Cookie.
I've ordered the ribbons and trophies and I've already received the shell show's first exhibit application from John and Darlene Schrecke. It's my hope that everyone exhibiting will follow suit and get the applications to me as soon as possible.
It is important to show your support for our show by volunteering to help. Please be prepared to sign up at the next meeting so that Mary Still can make a schedule. Last year there was a little confusion and there were too many on the first day of the show and not enough for the second or third. It seems that Sunday is the day we needed the most help. Please keep this in mind.
Don't forget that advertising is the key to a great show. Who will come if they don't know about it? So please, take a flyer and make copies if you can, and distribute them all over your town. Let's make sure we have the best show ever!
And please, I hope everyone is planning to join us for the wonderful presentation that Dr. Bradley Stevens has prepared for our club. Please show him your support and attend our June 4th meeting.
I haven't had any calls yet, so if anyone would like to help with the desserts and soft drinks, I will be very grateful. As usual, I'm planning on baking some goodies and I'll supply the paper products.
I'll see you at the June 4th meeting.
Happy Shelling, Karen
The first meeting of The Jersey Cape Shell Club for 2012 was fun and if you weren't there, you were missed! President Karen Lelli caught us up to speed on club business, treasurer Stephanie Schrader presented a talk on her experience shelling the pan handle of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico and member Michele Gilmartin showed the gorgeous bridal bouquet she made with an assortment of shells. there were photos and memorabilia from the club, for all to take a look at. Our past historian, Peggy Allen, put together a club scrapbook that was sent to the club by her nephew and along with all the photos, and it seems like all of this should be taken care of and put into a scrapbook. If the club approves of the idea, we may put together a chronologic stroll down memory lane, in an archival scrapbook. Do you have anything that you'd like to share with the club to enrich this project? Photos, newspaper articles, etc. would be great to include.
Great news! Member Dorothy Badders has agreed to take over as newsletter editor for the club! THANK YOU, Dorothy! You should be sure to add her name to your accepted email address book, so you will continue to receive the newsletter. It is;
Heartfelt thanks to members Bob Lelli and Tom Enstice for their generous monetary contributions to The Jersey Cape Shell Club!
Dues information 2012
Please bring to the meeting or mail to Stephanie Schrader ;
#1- $8.00 for a single, $12.00 for a family
#2- Your name, mailing address, phone number AND most importantly;
#3- Your email address (please update Sue Hobbs @, if you do not receive this via email!!)
The Jersey Cape Shell Club
Stephanie Schrader, Treasurer
3 Botany Circle      
Willingboro, NJ 08046
Please carefully print your email address, as that is the easiest and least expensive way to get the newsletter to you!
Our schedule this year is as follows;
Monday July 2
Monday August 6
Thursday August 16 SHELL SHOW SET UP and judging
Friday through Sunday August 17-19 SHELL SHOW!
Monday September 10 (delayed due to Labor Day on previous Monday)
Monday October 1
Saturday December 1? Holiday party
Club Officers
President, Show Chairperson; Karen Lelli 856-691-5831
Vice President , Crafty Lady Chairperson; Mary Still 609-886-3905
Publicity; June Kelley 215-675-2547 home, 609-522-1023 summer and Maura Kelley
Treasurer ; Stephanie Schrader 609-871-9320
Newsletter; Dorothy Badders 609-889-7557 ;
Programs Sue Hobbs 609-884-7601
Check out what is new with the club on Facebook!!/pages/Jersey-Cape-Shell-

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