Tuesday, June 19, 2012


While creating the pictured pendant as always my mind starts to wander. I wondered if some day my art work might show up on the Antique Road Show and how it would be valued. But before I go there I need to relate to you a listing I saw on e-bay a few years ago.
            One day looking through e-bay's sea shell listings I saw a Sailors Valentine up for bid and realized I had made the case and knew the artist who had created the shell mosaic inside.  As you may know you can ask questions about the postings and scrolling down I came across a questions that really caught me off guard. “Did the artist pass away?” Wow! I had two thoughts about the question: were they at some point in time a friend of the maker or would they have bid more under that circumstance.  So I’m thinking maybe I should  post this current pendent on e-bay and list it as follows, “Pictured here is a one of a kind item created by world famous shell artist Bill Jordan”, just to see what kind of questions I would receive,  waiting for , “Did he pass away”?................ No I’m still here!  I do understand the nature of the question; that if the artist is no longer with us it does change the value of his/hers work, but to ask in that forum is a little beyond me. 
             But truth be told I would love nothing more than to be a fly on the wall years from now in the after life at an Antique Road Show and hear “Madam what you have brought in today is a one of a kind item and is now worth thousands, based on the fact that the maker passed away yesterday”.  lol  So if it just so happens one of my pocket watch pendants shows up on e-bay some day, please if you would, let me know what the final bid was I`d really like to know. Thanks


  1. Karine MirzakhanyanJune 19, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    Hi Bill,
    I had a very similar experience as you just the other day. I had taken my artwork to the Santa Barbara Jade and Ocean art expo, where two very drunk women came up to me and asked the price of one of my valentines. When I told them, one of them said, "Have you been working on this for 10 years?".
    When she asked this, I thought about replying and saying that my grandma had started the piece and that I had just finished it. LOL

  2. The old time story still holds true to this day "It takes all kinds of people to make a world!" lol Thanks for your comment. Bill