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The Jersey Cape Shell Club
PO Box 124 Stone Harbor, NJ 08247
Upcoming meetings;
Monday May 7 is the date of the first Jersey Cape Shell Club meeting of the year, at The Wetlands Institute, at 7:30 pm. The program for the evening will be by our club treasurer,
Stephanie Schrader
The title of the presentation is" Hidden Treasures of the Florida Gulf Coast" The presentation will be about the beauty of the Emerald Coast and about the areas and places for shelling and the different types of shells found.
Would you please help with our refreshments for the May meeting? We need one person for each of these categories; paper goods (cups, napkins, plates), beverages, and food. If you will bring something to the meeting, please contact our President, Karen Lelli 856-691-5831
Monday June 4 “Sex and the Single Conch
Whelks (or conchs, Busycotypus canaliculatus) are at the center of an exploding fishery. As southern New England lobsters decline, fishermen are catching more whelks, and using more horseshoe crabs for bait. In order to help manage this fishery, we are trying to answer some simple questions: How fast do they grow? When do they become sexually mature? And, do they change sex?
Our speaker will be Dr. Bradley Stevens , who is a Professor and Distinguished Research Scientist at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Prior to arriving on the eastern shore, he studied king crabs in Kodiak, Alaska for 22 years.
Monday July 2- Tentatively, for this meeting, we will show a CD titled
“The Life of Molluscs” by Shelline Group, of Italy.
This is a well made, narrated film of a walk on a shallow water reef in Kenya, eastern Africa, and shows many live molluscs in their habitat, as well as other sea life. Thanks to our treasurer, Stephanie Schrader, for providing this program for our enjoyment.
From President and Shell Show Chair, Karen Lelli-
Hello to all of my JCSC family and friends.
Another year has flown by and our season is about to begin. I sincerely hope that all of you will make an effort to attend our first meeting on May 7th. We will be meeting and greeting a few more potential new members. I'd like for us to make a good impression and welcome them in JCSC style, with fun, warmth and friendship.
Please bring with you any photos, memorabilia or shells of interest to the meeting. We will be going down memory lane and everyone will have a chance to talk about your experiences with the shell club or about anything you would like to see happening going into the future. Even if you would like to just tell a story or share a news article, member participation will be our theme of the evening.
I will be bringing the paper products and cake and for something different, I'm bringing a surprise cold shrimp appetizer. I'd like to have someone call me and help with soft drinks and maybe a seafood specialty of your own or another dessert. There are only six meetings, so I'll be looking for volunteers each month to help out.
For all of our members who have been able to attend most of our meetings, you are well aware of our need of new officers. I would like to step down as President of the club and Chairman of the show. Sue, who not only creates and mails the newsletter, is also our program guest coordinator. She would also love to have someone take over or at least help. We currently don't have a secretary, Mary is faithfully our V.P. and Crafty Lady, and Stephanie, our Treasurer, has tirelessly taken on the job for quite a few years, too. So, keep this in mind, PLEASE. New blood in charge could be a good thing! New and fresh ideas can make a big difference on how we proceed for the future of our club and show.
I hope that you all are looking forward to this years show. The Wetlands Institute has a new director, Dr. Lenore Tedesco, and I'd like for her to have a great experience with our shell show. Let's not only put forth a great show, but let's show her how well we work as a team.
Start to create your most wonderful science and art exhibits. I will look forward to see what you all will present at our show. Getting the applications to me early, not only insures you a spot in our show, but helps me to prepare without the stress of last minute entries.
I'll see you all on May 7th.
Happy Shelling,
Enclosed with this mailing (if you receive your newsletter via the post office, otherwise in a separate email) is all the information you will need to plan for our August shell show! Let’s try to make it easy on our President, Karen Lelli, who also happens to be our show chairperson, and get the entries to her as soon as possible. Included are the rules, categories (including new ones!) and forms to use for each entry. Many thanks to everyone who also signs up to help with set-up and tear-down of the show, as well as the jobs such as greeting visitors, helping them purchase entry tickets and to vote on their favorite exhibits and working our club sales table. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like details on any of these jobs- they aren’t difficult and we will all help to make it easy and fun for you to “work” the show!
A very short story; A man goes to a Halloween party with a woman on his back. The host asks him, "And what are you?" The man says, “I’m a snail." The host says, "And who's that on your back?" And the man says, "That's Michelle!"
2012 Jersey Cape Shell Club DUES are DUE!
Please bring to the meeting or mail to Stephanie Schrader ;
#1- $8.00 for a single, $12.00 for a family
#2- Your name, mailing address, phone number AND most importantly;
#3- Your email address (please update Sue Hobbs @, if you do not receive this via email!!)
The Jersey Cape Shell Club
Stephanie Schrader, Treasurer
3 Botany Circle
Willingboro, NJ 08046
Please carefully print your email address, as that is the easiest and least expensive way to get the newsletter to you!
There are some exciting shell events coming up that all members be excited about attending. The first is right in our backyard!

American Malacological Society Annual Meeting
June 16-21, 2012
Conchologists of America Convention
June 19-24, 2012

You are invited to join us for a historic event the first back-to-back annual meetings of the country’s two premier shell societies, including a joint session, major speakers and fabulous social events! The 2012 convention will be hosted by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Shell Club. The convention celebrates 200 years of the study of mollusks in the Americas: 2012 is the Academy’s bicentennial year. The meeting will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and will overlap with the American Malacological Society annual meeting being held at the same venue from June 16-21, with joint sessions and banquet.

The Crowne Plaza Philadelphia Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a
superb facility in Cooper River Park that offers unparalleled access and amenities. Just over the nearby Ben Franklin Bridge lies Philadelphia, where the formal study of mollusks in the United States began 200 years ago with the founding of the Academy of Natural Sciences in 1812.

Over a packed eight days we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Conchology and Malacology in America, starting with the annual meeting of the AMS, encompassing the first-ever joint session with the COA on Wednesday June 20th, and finishing up with the COA Bourse on Saturday and Sunday, 23rd. A joint banquet at the hotel on the evening of the 20th will feature a keynote address by Dr. Baldomero “Toto” Olivera, and there will be presentations throughout the week by major names, from expedition leader extraordinaire Dr. Philippe Bouchet to renowned author S. Peter Dance.

COA guests will enjoy oral and silent auctions and the usual interesting, informative programs. Dr. Ellen Strong will host a special session of presentations by past winners of COA student grants. Many of these have gone on to become professional malacologists, including such household names as Dr. RĂ¼diger Bieler and Dr. Jose Leal.

There will be a reception for both societies on Tuesday evening at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, offering ample opportunities to meet and talk shells with some of the world’s leading scientists and collectors.

Guests who sign up for one of the meetings will be offered a significant discount for the other, and day rates are available for both.
Deadline for registration at regular rate is May 1, 2012
Final deadline for registration by mail is June 1

For more information;

This summer brings a unique opportunity. Be part of the unprecedented coordinated shell show tandem and “conchologist” across 200 miles of subtropical land- and seascape:

Back-to-back shell shows with in-between shelling excursions
Jul. 13-15 GULF COAST SHELL SHOW, Panama City Beach, FL
2012 City of Panama City Beach Senior Center, 423 Lyndell Lane
Jim Brunner, 2511 Parkwood Drive
Panama City, FL 32405 (850) 215-2086
Documents at
ADMISSION $2.00 adults; $1.00 children under 12.
Jul. 20-22 JACKSONVILLE SHELL SHOW, Jacksonville, FL
2012 Morocco Shrine Temple, 3800 St. Johns
Charlotte Thorpe, 1010 N. 24th St.

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 (904) 246-0874
Documents at
And last but not least, our club will hold our 38th annual shell show, August 17-19. Show applications are being mailed with this newsletter, so it is a good time to begin planning your exhibit and time, so as to assist in the preparations for and during our big event!

Meetings are held at The Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor Blvd, Stone Harbor, NJ at 7:30 pm on the first Monday of every month from May through October, unless that day is a holiday, when we move to the following Monday.
Our schedule this year is as follows;
Monday June 4
Monday July 2
Monday August 6
Thursday August 16 SHELL SHOW SET UP and judging
Friday through Sunday August 17-19 SHELL SHOW!
Monday September 10 (delayed due to Labor Day on previous Monday)
Monday October 1
Saturday December 1? Holiday party
Club Officers
President, Show Chairperson; Karen Lelli 856-691-5831
Vice President , Crafty Lady Chairperson; Mary Still 609-886-3905
Publicity; June Kelley 215-675-2547 home, 609-522-1023 summer and Maura Kelley
Treasurer ; Stephanie Schrader 609-871-9320
Programs, Newsletter; Sue Hobbs 609-884-7601

Check out what is new with the club on Facebook!!/pages/Jersey-Cape-Shell-
                        The Conch of Plenty

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