Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There are those of us who know that shells have a special way of speaking to us, each with a different story of a life once lived, in their colors, shapes and size. There are times in creating art when we know we are giving them a special place of honor in what we create whither it be in a stunning sailors valentine  
by David Rhyne  http://davidrhyne.com/
or a miniature arrangement
                             by Peter Gabel
                             or in an antique picture frame

    by Susan Lloyd   http://www.slloydshellart.com/index.html
    or a framed shadow box
    by Goz Gossenlin
    or jewelry 
    by Judy Mackey
    or in an arrangement of orchards’
    by Walter & Jean Sheerin
    or a framed work of art

    by Karine Mizakhanyan  http://shellartbykarine.com/

and thru the vision of each and every one of these artist have given that life once lived a place of glory and   joy for all the world to see.
    Susan Black   http://www.nantucketsailorsvalentinekits.com/
    Winner of the 2012 Shellabration Raffel Pocket Watch Pendant
    by Bill Jordan  http://www.sailors-valentine.com/index.html

    Pictures in this blog were taken at the 75 th  2012 Sanibel Shell Art Show



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