Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A SEA SHELL POEM by Lola B. Minard

In life I have found that everything that crosses my path does so for a reason, both the good and the bad, even if that purpose is not obvious at first. This is a story of one of the good things that crossed my path: What do you do with sea Shells……

The story begins with my brother, and while visiting a friend in Scituate Massachusetts he came upon a number of typed poems written by his friend as well as this one written by Lola B. Minard. Knowing my great interest in shell art he passed it on to me. After reading it for the first time I could not get over its kind simplicity as she expressed to her daughter what could be done with the treasures from the sea they were collecting that day. I was inspired to say the least by this wonderful story. In one of the many lines she explains “You hold them very tenderly and dream about the sea”, and the word “dream” in that line stands out in my mind. I can clearly see them standing there at that special moment in time on a beach collecting shells. Then years later holding those shells in her hand they begin to speak to her of that warm summer day by the shore. There is no question in my mind that Lola never wanted to lose sight of that day and in the artistry of words set it to prose.

So as you can see there was a very special reason for Lola to write this poem and a reason for my brother to find it and think of me. Now it was up to me to find the reason that it had crossed my path.

There just had to be a reason and I found it! I searched the internet high and low looking for her poem and could not find it. I got in touch with my brother and found Lola B. (Bean) Minard had passed away Feb. 26, 2010, at the age of 93. With that information I managed to locate her son Atwood by phone and spoke to him about his mother`s poem. He did have a copy and mentioned she had written other poems, so I knew I was on the right track and Lola had written it. Right then and there I knew why it had found me!

I know what I`m about to say is a bit off the wall but somehow even though I never met Lola it became important to her to share her special moment in time with me. Somehow she knew placing it in my life's path, I would not just step around it. She knew through my love of shell art I would find a way to set it in a place of honor. I could sit here and tell you all of what I went through to create that place of honor but none of that is important. All I want to say is thank you Lola, it was your words that painted the picture below.

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  1. Lola's poem is peace and comfort to me. Either looking for shells or watching the dolphins I feel so much of God's spirit when I'm on the beach, . The smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun, the touch of the sand and the salt on my lips are from God and I am so grateful.

    1. Hi Donna: By the sound of the words in your note I feel you should write a poem. Thanks; Bill

  2. I feel so very fortunate to have a framed copy of this poem...and now since I know the back story, it is even more precious.
    I find how simple things, such as a shell, can reach out and touch so many lives in such a dear way!
    Thank you for sharing Bill!

  3. Oh my goodness,
    My eyes are brimming over with tears. My mother would have been proud but not not boastful. Thank you for helping her live on. You have given my family a great gift.
    Ruth Blake
    Plymouth, MA

  4. Your mother’s heart felt words meant a lot to me as well as yours. All I can say is thank you. Bill

  5. I think that you've provoked some tear soaked keyboards today Bill...all tears of joy! Joy at the thought of my Grandmother and Joy at the thought of others being touched by her/her words. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for your comment it means a lot to me as I feel sure to your Grandmother as well. Thank you.

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