Friday, January 27, 2012


To say the least what a wonderful work of shell art. It is hard to believe that it was created from a Sailors Valentine Kit which put me on to writing this blog.
A few weeks ago the Hennemann`s e-mailed this proud picture of their first attempt at creating a sailors valentine and they have every right to be proud,  as does the supplier who created the kit.
The two top companies who retail these kits are,
                                   and the other is

Which leads me to a statement I have heard on many occasions: “I would love to create my own Sailors Valentine but I have no idea how to begin”, so my answer is a simple one: purchase a kit. The reason I say that is they are all laid out for the beginner. They come with an instruction book, the layout and all the shells needed, sorted by size, shape and color along with the case. It`s all there in one neat little package.
Now at this moment I can hear some of you saying “But I want my valentine to be something I created, not someone else’s design!”, and I can understand that feeling but here`s something to think about in the following pictures before starting your own.
                                  These shells are called Spirula, also known as Ram`s Horns.
As you can see they really look great in my Traditional Valentine and the last time I purchased them about three years ago they were 50 cents a piece.
Rice shells were 35 dollars a kilo 20 years ago, today a quarter cup is about 50 dollars just to paint a quick picture of what you can get into creating your own. Then there's all the cursing that goes on constructing it, well at least in my case.  Lol. So again if you are one of those people who have said “I would love to create a Sailors Valentine but I have no idea how to begin”, then as I see it this is the best and most inexpensive way to get you on your way in the world of shell art in the form of a Sailors Valentine Kit. So here are those two links again, , see, you don't even have to search the internet that`s how close you are to creating one. It`s all up to you now, no more excuses.     P.S. I will be expecting to see an e-mail picture of your first completed valentine in a couple of weeks, the Hennemann`s did it, now it`s your turn.

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