Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well I had to give one of my new small 3 inch cases a try in a Christmas theme. Pictured here are shells called Chicken Feet, yes that’s what they are called and they make great tree branches.
So my first step is to glue them together in the shape of a Christmas tree and stain some cloth wire to make the trunk.

So far so good but it looks a little bare, I think it needs some ornaments and a star at the top. I guess I will have to hand paint some mustard seeds and if I`m careful remove the five dove shells from the inside of a Sand Dollar and make the star.
Well that did the trick nothing like a little color to brighten things up and I managed to make the star. Not to shabby for an old guy. lol

Now all I have to do is wait for Santa and hope he will leave me some presents. I think I will install the glass cover after Christmas to make it eaiser for him. I hope you have a very “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and as you can see my tree is ready.