Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 / 2012 SHELL ART

You may think that Oct.1st and March1st are a long way off, but time does fly when  
you're having fun. In fact I`ve had it fly by when I`m not having fun and been grateful it went by quickly, but for now time is short and I need to move along with this blog.  

 A couple of months ago I was asked if I could create a pocket watch for the 2012 Sanibel Show raffle. I was asked if I could create it as I had for the 2010 C.O.A. Show.
Well my answer to them was,“Yes and I assume you would like it with sea urchin spine lettering to read Sanibel Shell Fair & Show 2012 with a small shell in the middle, correct?” To which they replied, “No we have decided on a theme for the show and are calling it Shellabration 2012, 75th Sanibel Shell Fair & Show with a small Junonia shell in the center.” I replied, “You have got to be kidding they do not make a pocket watch that large! The C.O.A. watch had 25 letters and you want 41 in it?” Then I heard the door close on the conversation, “Yes and we know you can do it!”
So as you can see I did it! Not bad for an old guy and yes you don't have to tell me I left out the words Shell & Fair, I couldn't find a shoe horn to squeeze in 9 more letters.
I did think about doing an extensive blog on creating it but would have been tempted to include all the swearing that went with it. Just kidding!
 But the truth is time is moving fast and I can see by all the orders for valentine cases lately that every shell artist is getting ready for the two shows. Time as it is I need to create five new pocket watch designs for the Philly Show by Oct 1st and  I only have two done so far. Best I get moving!
Listed below I have set up links to both the Philly and Sanibel Shows and will post information as it comes to my attention. Other than that I hope to see you at one of the shows if not both and yes you better show up at the Sanibel Show to purchase a raffle ticket! I spent a lot of time and effort creating that “SHELLABRATION” watch for YOU!

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