Monday, July 25, 2011


Here, using a pair of pliers I`m etching the surface of the ear ring posts on sand paper to enhance the bonding capabilities of the glue when attaching them to the eight shells.

 I am now applying glue to the post and in the next picture setting it on to the rice shells and allowing it to dry over night.
The next day, using a pair of tweezers I can easily lift the earring from the carpet tape easel as shown in the following picture.
Next I created another set of bottle cap easels and drilled small holes in the center to receive the earring posts and I`m painting each one of the eight shells with clear nail polish.

Now moving on to the finish line I am installing mustard seeds using a very fine pointed set of tweezers dipping them one by one into the glue and setting them in place as shown.
So here we are with a completed pair, so what do I do with them now, should I give them to someone?

In the beginning paragraph of this two part blog I gave two warnings as to why NOT to learn how I create these earrings. The first one was “it is not an easy process” and the last picture in this blog explains the second reason.
Your family, your friends, friends of your family, do I need to go on ? lol

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