Monday, July 25, 2011

RICE SHELL EAR RINGS ( Part One of Two )

This blog is all about a formula I have come up with over time to create Rice Shell Ear Rings.  I suggest you STOP RIGHT HERE before you go any further in this blog for two reasons. The first reason it`s not an easy process and the second reason will appear at the conclusion of this blog. So don't say I didn't warn you!

To start off with you will need Rice Shells and Mustard Seeds as pictured here.
Next is to sort out 16 rice shells to a consistent length. Now the shell length depends on the size of the earring post to be used. In this demonstration the post size is 8 mm requiring the shell length to be approximately 7 mm long, and you will see how this ratio works out in the following pictures.
Shown here are four plastic bottle caps I`m using as easels. On the front two I have cut a small piece of single strength glass and used hot melt glue to hold the glass in place on the cap. On the back two bottle caps I installed a section of double stick carpet tape to the glass. Next I positioned eight of the measured rice shells on to adhesive tape which aids holding them in place. The following picture is the type of carpet tape I used.
                                                                          CT 1030
So far so good but I have to tell you it took hours of trial and error to get the process to this point along with many trips to my SHRINK to keep my sanity.  So I will go back to my original statement “don't say I didn't warn you!”
If you are still willing to continue to take the risk it is time to move on to the next step.
In this picture, using a tooth pick I`m applying epoxy glue to fill the center area of the shells in order to bond them together. But if this is your first attempt at a project such as this it might be best to use something like 527 or Tacky Glue. The reason being epoxy sets up fast and using it takes lots of practice.  So to continue on, after you have given the chosen glue the required amount of bonding time take a single edge razor blade and lift the eight bonded shells from the tape. Then in the same motion flip them over placing them back down onto the tape as shown in the following picture.
Now it on to the earring posts. This is starting to sound like a horse race, “They're at the post”! 

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