Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Relaxing Sounds & Musical Beats at the Beach: Lead Singer – Seagulls?

When people think of beach songs, they might think of those classic hits from the Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffet, but I am talking about those sounds that are produced by Mother Nature with her own “natural” instruments. Close your eyes, imagine sitting on the sand in the early morning, with the gentle breeze, the waves crashing on the beach and the seagulls searching for an early catch as they gawk through the air….

That is right, I said it, what would a true representation of a beach scene be without seagulls gawking through the air. So instead of having my head stuck in the sand looking for sea shells, I looked up and there they were, flying back and forth looking for their breakfast…after all, all of God’s creatures need to eat. Seagulls! Annoying to some, but to me, it is like music to my ears, and that is when I started to think….how can I capture these birds in-flight through shell art.

I kept looking at their outline in the sky trying to figure out what shell could I use to create and mimic their wings in-flight from my already growing collection of seashells. Like all great artists, I turned in for the night, hoping that I would have a vision of how I could make this work. To my delight, I think I did it…divine intervention or master of my craft?

The next day after pondering what I had witnessed at the beach, I drew the shape on a piece of paper and low and behold there they were…the shape of the ones flying and a second of the wing shape of them in the process of landing.

And there it was! Did you know that pencil lines = Sea Urchin Spines. Now I am no mathematician, but it proved to be a perfect answer to my dilemma. As in a previous blog, I explained that “SEA URCHIN SPINES CAN SPELL?” And with that in mind, I thought, “Why not let them fly?” And to my amazement, they CAN. The best part is, it was faster and not as demanding as doing urchin spine lettering…That was MUSIC TO MY EARS!

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