Monday, May 2, 2011

The Creation of the FRUITFUL VINE!

Many people ask me questions like, how long does it take to make my sailors' valentines or pocket watches and for me, that is very hard to answer because I first have to get inspired. So, where does my creativity spawn from? Where do I get my inspirations? For me, it is very simple, NATURE. All I have to do is look outside my door, because it is there where I am able to lose myself in the beauty around me and envision what I can take from the earth to piece together for my next project.

So I ask, where do you get your inspiration from?  Today, all I had to do was step outside my front door, because there I found these small broken twigs and got to thinking - which can be a scary thing sometime :) For many, these would have been whisked away by a passing breeze or scooped up and put in the trash. For me, I see beauty. I start to realize, hey - I can  recycle these twigs and give them a better a new fruitful, BLOOMING TREE. Like every tree in nature, all it needs is a little TLC (tender loving care) before it comes the "fruitful vine" that you always envisioned it could be.

For this project, I am very grateful to have nature outside my door.  Many people marvel at the results but for me, it is very simple. I gathered up a few roots, touched them up with a magic marker, nail polish and before I could say hand me the glue, I had a vine growing up the inside wall of my shadow box. I guess the only thing now is to get busy and make it bloom. Stay tuned because I will show you just how this "Vine" will soon become the focal point and very important piece to the overall "story" that this landscape has to tell.

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