Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It is SO easy a CAVEMAN CAN DO IT!

Ok, well I think that is an over exaggeration, however, if you have been following my blogs watching the beach scene grow you might say “Wow, look at how fast that is coming together, I could do that!” Others might say, “Why it’s as simple as doing a jig saw puzzle on our dining room table”. Well, I`m here to tell you just how simple it really is. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it.

There are some misconceptions because, one of the first reactions/comments that I get from people is, “Everything you do is so "PERFECT!” And before they can add to that thought as they refer to ME, not my art, I immediately have to laugh and respectfully interrupt and say, A Perfect WHAT??? NOT ME. We can all have a good laugh and agree that there are many different meanings that can describe what “perfect” entails, if you know what I mean. Let me explain further.

Pictured here are three mother dolls with their children. A perfect union and quite frankly, IT IS! In the next picture you see a Mother and child side-by-side and you may say to yourself “they just look so sweet together they almost look life-like”. Well in one sense they are but in another they are NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Have another look. When I removed the child from the top of the bottle cap and set her beside the mother, there it was, staring me right in the face. I clearly under estimated the scale of this individual piece. The mother looked like the female version of the Jolly Green Giants wife, all decked out in her finest PINK DRESS AND BONNET and her daughter seemed as if she would need to climb "The VINE" just to whisper in her mother's ear, "I love you." See, if the scale and ratio of an object is not PERFECT, then one could miss out on the sweetest moments in life...like a whisper that says..."I love you!"

Did you say Perfect....well yes it is… A PERFECT MISTAKE. Well the good part is, there were only “THREE” mismatched pairs...just a minor obstacle, and such is life. So the only easy way out was to create three new Mothers that would be perfect matches to adopt the three children. Don’t worry, I used a reputable adoption agency and made sure they all went to very good homes. I am happy to report, they are all well adjusted and doing great in their new environments! Now don’t they look happy on the beach together picking up shells? That is a sight that comes very close to PERFECTION...mother and child, creating memories while be serenaded by this summer's Blockbuster Group, The SEAGULLS!

Sorry, I got carried away, so let me continue on. The comment we are dissecting at the moment is…how perfect I am. I decided to make a boat out of urchin spines. No matter how I placed it, it just didn’t look right on the beach. Next I tried to make beach grass out of a paint brush strands and eventually ended up using rope. One thing that I have come to understand when trying to re-create nature is it is all about trial and error, God knows I have made a few errors in my day, but the goal of PERFECTION is what I am keen on at the moment.

Then I thought, what was missing from a “normal” beach scene…AHH… sand castles. What a great idea! WRONG again! No matter how I made them they just didn’t fit in for some reason or another. Next, I went on to make a “perfect” lamp out of a small glass bottle and shade crafted out of urchin parts with a Mahogany base and it is “Perfect”. Would you like to know why? Because it is premature to install it to find out if the scale is indeed correct.

Well, as you can see in the following picture, “THE VINE” is starting to bloom with lilac sea shells. After all, it is spring you know and in the next few weeks the “PERFECT” Shadow Box Beach Scene will be done. Last but not least if you are still concerned about the three mothers’ who lost their children, don’t worry or lose sleep over it…they will make an appearance in the near future with their new families and perhaps a new blog. So the next time you see me and tell me that my work is perfect, you know what the answer will be….Maybe a PERFECT “Shell Artist” ???

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