Thursday, April 28, 2011

Linkedin and Tweeting and Blogging...Oh my!

When I sat down and thought about how could I possibly bring my enthusiasm for sea shell art to those that share in my passion and humor, I never thought that at this point in my life I would embark on a "new age" journey. I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks because I am completely addicted.

So there you have it, in less than a week, I have made two big revelations about myself on the worldwide web. They do say that the first step is acknowledging that you have a problem, well today I confess, I am addicted to shell art and blogging. I have to say that it feels great to get that out there. It is like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest :)

Now I am trying my very steady hand at Tweeting. Follow me @vondermosel63

Stay tuned because you never know what I might try my hand at next!

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