Thursday, April 28, 2011

Did you know that Sea Urchin Spines can SPELL?

I do hope that “pictures are worth a thousand words” because otherwise, this would be a VERY long blog post. For years, the number one question that I get asked is "how long does it take to create these keepsakes?" Well, the answer differs from time to time because I like to engage in conversation with those I meet and I don't want to tell the same story twice. Just like each of my individual pieces of art, they all tell a different story about where they came from, how they came to be and just how much love and attention I devoted to each one. So my friend, to answer your question, it took two very steady hands,  about two cases of scotch and PATIENCE to finish this one!

Here is a mini journey via photos of just how tiny my world seems sometimes, yet the output pails in comparison and the reward is GRANDIOSE.

So again I ask, "Did you know that sea urchin spines can spell?"

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